For 33 years we have endeavored to provide our customers with unique, hand crafted products created by artisans one at a time. From Rajasthan tapestries to Nepalese sweaters, Buddha’s or Mermaids carved from exotic woods to batiked casual clothing; the majority of our offerings are created by the hands of skilled individuals.


By seeking out these handmade works of art, together we create meaningful work and a dependable source of income globally. None of our products are produced in sweat shops, but rather make their way from small villages and family compounds. In most cases there are no middle men.


Our money goes directly from our hands into the hands of the individuals who have created our goods. Because we are “hands on”, often we can request specific orders from our customers. We pride ourselves in meaningful products that have the imprint and soul of the carver, painter, sewer or jeweler.


In keeping with this philosophy of supporting craftsmen in 3rd world countries, we also seek to provide means of self improvement for our customers. We have accessed many books, auricle & tarot card decks, C.Ds of world music and healing & enhancing crystals to help our customers on their journey towards knowledge, openness and access to spirit. There is a great interest in the many facets of Self empowerment & connectedness.


Through the years our stores have evolved into a comforting and nourishing place to find self expression along with meaningful products that support a positive change in our world.


Our helpful and friendly staff cares about our customers. We endeavor to provide you with as much attention and superior service as is possible.


Barry's Bay, ON

19478 Highway 60, Barry’s Bay

phone: 613-756-3073



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