Welcome to Our Campbellville Store

Welcome to Grumblin’ Grannys, Campbellville.


Meet your hosts Brandan and Melissa. We have been managing the Campbellville store now for over 15 years and each day has been a joy for us. Our small business has grown over the years and which we believe is because of the unique range of products we provide. Most are hand made one of a kind products but we also have a mix of products from requests that our customers have asked for.


Many of our products are hand picked from Bala and other places from the far east.


People ask how we are able to sell some of our products at such low prices and part of the reason is because we do hand pick them. Each year we fly to our sources, fill a container and have it shipped back to Ontario.  By doing this it allows us to have a relationship with our suppliers, mostly craftsman and in turn allows us to pass on the savings to our clients. This uniqueness is, we are told, one of the main reasons people keep frequenting our store and purchasing gifts for home, cottage and as gifts.


Because our business is growing and unique, customers have asked for a way to purchase online or reserve or have a heads-up about our incoming new products. Sometimes a few of our customers have expressed disappointment by seeing sold signs on things they wished to buy.


For this reason we will soon have our estore up and running and a regular monthly newsletter letting our customers know of new products, changes, sales and reminders of our events like our annual barbeque.


We appreciate customer feedback and welcome your comments and we take them very seriously. In fact this is what has helped make our business as successful as it has become. So a big thank you to all of our customers and visitors for your helpful comments over the years.


If you have seen something in our store in the past and would like to see if we can find something similar on one of our next trips, please let us know by using the form on this page.


Thank you.

Brandan and Melissa

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