When you visit our stores it’s like you embark on a mystical journey around the world with products from every corner of the globe.


For over 30 years as a family owned and operated business we have endeavored to provide our customers with a majority of handcrafted unique products which we personally import.


By travelling ourselves we have the ability to find our distinctive products from many different small family shops. These families have been creating their crafts for years and their skills have been passed down from generation to generation. Doing this allows  your purchases to reach the hands of each skilled craftsman directly. In other words we’ve eliminated the middleman!  Over the years we have made many good friends through this process. The selection of  items we import range from lamps, mirrors,  wood carvings, teak furniture, wind chimes, metal wall art, paintings and home/garden decor.


Our biggest attraction, which  we’ve had a following for years now, is  our large  variety of Funky clothing and an impressive selection of one of kind pieces of jewellery you won’t see anywhere else.


Along with what we import,  we strive to carry as many other interesting  products, such as new age books, Incense &  Sage for smudging, stones & crystals, Drums &  Singing bowls for meditation and much, much more.