Introducing you to the newest member of our team
Fri - November 29, 2019
Campbellville - We would like to introduce to all of you our newest member at Grumblin' Granny's here in Campbellville! Danielle is excited to be working here part time and we cant wait for you to meet her! As some of you are aware, it's just been the two of us (Melissa and Brendan) running the show for the last few years, and with our precious little addition to the family, we've decided to finally call in some help for the odd day . Not only will an extra person come in very handy, we believe Danielle will be an asset to our store. We instantly felt comfortable with her and feel you will to! She is one of the nicest, down to earth, fun, artsy, real ladies around! Danielle studied aromatherapy and is knowledgeable with many other topics. Most of all she will be very easy to deal with and always happy to help you with whatever you may need! We look forward and hope you get the chance to meet Danielle on one of your visits :)